Keywords: B2C and SOHO User Interface Design, Web Application, Windows Application, Design Pattern Library

Project Summary: E-Stamp was the original online postage application. It’s assets were eventually sold to E-Stamp user interface design had some unique challenges in that the application existed within a highly regulated field.

The United States government considers printing postage to be equivalent to printing money. E-Stamp, being the pioneer in the field, had to get through a morass of requirements in order to comply with government regulations.

The software included task-based navigation based on both task analysis and governmental requirements from the USPS.

Deliverables: My role in the project included everything in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including use cases, user interface specifications, wireframes, mockups, and more.

Following are some task flow diagrams that I put together from a release of the E-Stamp software and hardware package.

User License
QA Process Required by USPS
Security Flow for an Unknown User

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